The Zoom Gaze: What are We Masking?

“The Zoom Gaze,” by Autumm Caines offers an in-depth analysis of the effects caused by using Zoom for our virtual gatherin

Algorithms & Bias #unboundeq

Join Equity Unbound (@unboundeq) for an open Twitter chat on algorithms, bias, and the work of Ruha Benjamin! This internation

Invitation to Join “Imagining a Socially Just Academia” Launch Conversation @SocialJustAcad

We are pleased to invite you to the launch of “Imagining A Socially Just Academia” (@socialjustacad), a new project within

Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt!

Join us for Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt Sept 2020 An Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt consists of a series of &

Linguistic Landscapes

For the month of October 2020, Equity Unbound invites you to consider the linguistic landscapes of your immediate surroundings

‘War in Translation’ by Lina Mounzer: @hypothes_is annotation

Starting now through the week of October 12, 2020, we invite everyone to join us in annotating Lina Mounzer’s haunting p

The Danger of A Single Story

This September 2020, the Equity Unbound community welcomes you to join us in reflecting on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s powerf

“Othering & Belonging” annotation via @Hypothes_is

For the rest of September 2020, we invite everyone to join us in annotating The Problem of Othering: Towards Inclusiveness and

Linguistic Landscapes

The linguistic landscape is the visible language that surrounds us in our everyday life. The study of linguistic landscapes li

Looking ahead to Weeks 5+6: Exploring Equity

As described in our kick-off blog post, Equity Unbound is an equity-focused open, connected intercultural experience initiated