“Othering & Belonging” annotation via @Hypothes_is

For the rest of September 2020, we invite everyone to join us in annotating The Problem of Othering: Towards Inclusiveness and Belonging by john a. powell and Stephen Menendian. We will use Hypothes.is annotations, and you can choose to make your annotations public or use the private group we created for UnboundEq.

Everyone is welcome to join, and Hypothes.is is a really easy platform to use.

Steps to join:

  1. If you do not have a Hypothes.is account, please go to their website and join. It’s a really quick process. Here are some guidelines on how to use it.
  2. Once you have a Hypothes.is account, you can annotate publicly, but if you prefer to keep your annotations semi-private, you can join the Unboundeq group via this link: https://hypothes.is/groups/drd7q2JL/unboundeq
  3. To start annotating the article, go to this link and start adding your annotations to the UnboundEq group if you prefer;  you may choose to make some of your annotations public or private. Only annotations that are comments will appear to others. Your highlights are always private.

To make sure your annotations go to the Unboundeq private group, go to the menu that says Public at the top, and choose Unboundeq. Then when you start annotating, make sure your annotation is posted to Unboundeq.

See screenshots below from an Android phone:

If you have any questions, please Tweet to @unboundeq or @bali_maha or @miazamoraphd

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