Algorithms & Bias #unboundeq

Join Equity Unbound (@unboundeq) for an open Twitter chat on algorithms, bias, and the work of Ruha Benjamin! This international “slow chat” will open up late Sunday, October 25, and will focus on this summer’s 2020 Princeton Online interview with Dr. Benjamin (@ruha9) , titled The New Jim Code.

Watch here:

Over four days from Oct 25th-28th, we’ll pose a new question every day based on the ideas Dr. Benjamin puts forward in the video.

Join Dr. Bonnie Stewart’s class (@bonstewart) and other classes from around the world. You are invited to weigh in and take up these questions with each other…conversations may extend into the days following!

To join the chat, search for the hashtag #unboundeq for questions that will be posted by @bonstewart throughout the week and retweeted by the @unboundeq account. When you respond, reply to the tweet with the question, and indicate in your tweet the question number. Remember to include the hashtag #unboundeq in your response.

All are welcome.

Question 1, 2, 3 & 4:

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