Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt!

Join us for Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt Sept 2020


Twitter Scavenger Hunt

An Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt consists of a series of “tasks” or “missions” for participants to do, on Twitter, using the hashtag #unboundeq.

When & Where?

The Twitter hunt is open to anyone in the world who is willing to use Twitter but is led by Maha Bali @bali_maha in Cairo and Mia Zamora @miazamoraphd in New Jersey. If you want to interact with our students while they’re doing the activity, Maha (UTC +02:00) & Mia (GMT-4) will be conducting this activity on Monday, September 28th.

But overall, this Twitter Scavenger Hunt takes place from September 28th until mid-October. This is called a “slow chat” because it takes place over several days. You can jump in asynchronously.

How to?

  1. Share an #unboundeq “mystery object” image by tweeting an image (with the #unboundeq hashtag!) But up close or blurred or in some way difficult to guess. Tweet this image as a “trace of #unboundeq”. Invite people to guess what it is or what it might reveal about our network. If you can’t join synchronously, you can tweet this ahead of time or schedule it on Tweetdeck. And you can respond asynchronously. If you are able to use alt text with your image as well, you can include people with impaired vision as well.
  2. Follow a few people from class and/or the #unboundeq hashtag so their tweets show up.
  3. Respond to another person in #unboundeq regarding what they have shared — guess where images were taken or what the images represent. Remember to respond by including their Twitter handle and the #unboundeq hashtag.
  4. Choose one of these poems and tweet out a favorite verse or line from it, with a link to the poem in the tweet, with #unboundeq there also: Maya Angelou, Still I Rise, or what was said at the bus stop by Danez Smith, or I’m Not Angry At You by Maha Bali,(alternative link). Or choose another poem about equity & empowerment – tweet a line from the poem and remember to include a link to the full poem, the author’s name, and add the #unboundeq hashtag.
  5. Tweet out a link to a blogpost you wrote reflecting on The Problem of Othering, Towards Inclusiveness and Belonging, OR a link/quote from an annotation you have from that article with hashtag #unboundeq
  6. For later: Take time to read someone else’s post or annotation about Othering and Belonging (find them on #unboundeq– Tweet out a quote or a reaction to another person’s blogpost (one from your own class, one from another class) on the topic of Othering and Belonging. (AUC in Egypt curated at http://diglit.creativitycourse.org & Kean in New Jersey, US http://writingtheorypractice.miazamoraphd.com/category/student-blogs/
  7. For later: What does “equity” mean to you? Tweet out images (you have seen around you or found somewhere, or you can draw something and take a picture) of Equity or inequity. Tag #unboundeq
  8. Check your Twitter “notifications” to see what conversations you have been mentioned or tagged in. Respond to any notifications that you feel compelled to, and consider retweeting tweets you think are pertinent. Add your ideas via tweet to the growing conversation. Always remember to add the #unboundeq hashtag.
  9. Finally, keep checking the #unboundeq hashtag to watch the conversation develop — during and after the time scheduled for the Scavenger Hunt. Typically, the conversations and tweets continue for several hours, as people come across interesting tweets and respond to them.

The Open Invitation to the #unboundeq Scavenger Hunt:

  • If you wish to participate, you will need a Twitter account: consider whether you will use an existing Twitter account or create a temporary account for use in your #unboundeq activity. (If you are taking part as part of a class, this will likely be something you explore together before the activity.)
  • Start following people connected with #unboundeq. How do you find them? Start checking out the tweets using the #unboundeq hashtag. Follow @unboundeq and perhaps #unboundeq educators (e.g. @bali_maha, @catherinecronin, @miazamoraphd @harmonygritz, @autumm @parisamehran @francescahelm11, @anna_phd). Follow your classmates and others who use the hashtag (or who follow @unboundeq). You might consider following people whose content is in sync with your own learning goals (i.e. other educators, writers, public intellectuals, artists, researchers, etc.). As you follow people, consider tweeting a comment or question about someone’s profile photo or something they wrote on their profile to strike up a conversation.
  • Network awareness: Conversations in our network will happen asynchronously (in and out of our various classroom times), so remember to keep checking the hashtag and your Twitter notifications. Please remember to respect and be kind to all those in your learning network. Thoughtfulness, encouragement, and generosity (of ideas and inspiration) go a long way in growing a smart, safe, and productive community.
  • And if you don’t wish to create a Twitter account, that’s fine also! You can observe the Equity Unbound activity on Twitter by checking this link for the #unboundeq hashtag.

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