The Zoom Gaze: What are We Masking?

The Zoom Gaze,” by Autumm Caines offers an in-depth analysis of the effects caused by using Zoom for our virtual gatherings, meetings, conference calls, and class time. As Caines suggests, “Video conferencing offers an illusory sense of unilateral control over conversations“.

Join us for a discussion of the complex dynamics that inform the ubiquitous Zoom interface. How is Zoom shaping our experience of teaching and learning in the age of this global pandemic? And how does the Zoom gaze inform the way we see ourselves and others in the digital age? 

In this interactive presentation with author Autumm Caines, we will consider these questions and more.  Join us on Thursday February 25 at 4:30pm ET. Be sure to register, and we encourage you to read her “Zoom Gaze” article or listen to the auto file here.

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This free workshop is open to educators and students anywhere in the world.  Please pre-register for this event here.

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