Artificial Intelligence in Education series

We have two sessions on Artificial Intelligence in Education scheduled on February 13th and 14th.

Ten Ways To Try AI in Your Classroom Right Now with Jon Ippolito

Plenty of educators across the world have justifiably groaned about students using ChatGPT to spit out a report on mitochondria or the Industrial Revolution in a matter of seconds. Other educators, however, have been sharing ways that generative AI can empower teachers themselves–if we are willing to shift our mindset about the function and process of education. This hands-on workshop will offer practice in ten AI-assisted techniques for enhancing student learning and making school administration easier, from generating assignment rubrics and quizzes personalized to each student to applying for research grants and justifying new staff. Participants will come away with a more nuanced understanding of how the tools work based on direct experience with their power and pitfalls.

Jon Ippolito is a Professor of New Media and Director of the Digital Curation program at the University of Maine.

The session will take place Tuesday, February 13th, 1:30pm-2:30pm GMT, 3:30-4:30pm Egypt, 8:30am-9:30am EST – see the timezone converter below

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AI Pedagogy Workshop: For educators and others who want to meet this moment critically and creatively with Sarah Newman & Maha Bali

Are you an educator? Are you feeling challenged, or inspired, or overwhelmed by this moment in AI? Come join some of the leaders of the AI Pedagogy Project for an interactive session that helps develop critical AI literacy. We will do this by exploring some resources from the AI Pedagogy site, including a tutorial and engaging with some curated assignments. We will also discuss challenges educators are facing, and workshop ideas for the year to come. This will be a lively session for wherever you are in your journey with AI.

Sarah Newman is Director of Art & Education at Harvard’s metaLAB

Maha Bali is a professor of practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and co-facilitator of Equity Unbound.

The session takes place Wednesday, February 14th, at 5:00-06:15pm GMT, 7:00-8:15pm Egypt, 12:00-1:15 EST – see the timezone converter below:

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Here is a recording of the session:

This session is now full. To sign up for the waitlist, please fill this form and we will send you a link on the day if there is space.

Here is the recording of the first part of the session

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