Linguistic Landscapes

The linguistic landscape is the visible language that surrounds us in our everyday life. The study of linguistic landscapes li

xi. it’s the beginning of the end ig

Or like. The middle of the end. It’s not the end of the end yet, because I’m still stressed and staring at a laund

x. let’s chat about The Movement of Air, the Breath of Meaning: Aurality and Multimodal Composing

If that’s not the deepest-sounding title for an academic article, I dunno what is. I mean, “Breath of Meaning&rdqu

Ralph Broke the Internet; You Should, Too

I took my youngest son to see the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet yesterday and it was enjoyable entertainment with an Interne

ix. i rewrote this title 6 times and nothing worked so this is what you’re getting

(please have a fancy quote as compensation for the bad pun/joke that was the title) “Instead of teaching finished writin

Messing Around with Identity Graphs

For the E-Lit 3.0 course, Stephen Downes has us pondering identity and graphs, with a focus on Identity Graphs. These are used

viii. tutoring esl/ell students

I’ve brought up tutoring in pretty much all my past blog posts, and golly gosh darn I’m ’bout to do it again

Engaging From the Margins: A Fake News Studio Visit

The folks at Equity Unbound explored the concept of Media Literacy and Fake News this week with a “studio visit” w

vii. this post is too vague!!! (whatever that means)

The topic of this week’s article, John C. Bean’s “Writing Comments on Students’ Papers,” I&rsquo

On Beyond Like (The Place Where Conversations Happen)

I was sifting through a magazine article about the ways that social media make it easy to interact with text and how this has