Upcoming Equity Unbound session: Critically Incorporating AI into Teaching: Developing AI Literacy

Join Anna Mills and Maha Bali for a session where we all support each other with critically incorporating AI into teaching. Cl

Equity Unbound Workshop: How well does #ChatGPT (or any AI tool) do on our writing assignments? How do we adapt? #openai

Are you wondering how well AI tools like ChatGPT can generate text in response to the writing assignments you give? Could or s

The Joys and Gaps Between Practice, Writing and Publishing

Yesterday, an article I co-authored just got published. The article is in Inside Higher Ed, it’s called Online Does Mean Iso

Virtual Vulnerability #MYFest22

Today, I participated in a #MYFest22 session led by Tony Carr and Irene Maweu of emerge Africa. It was an emergent session, no

New Year’s Resolution & Gratitude for 2020

I don’t often make resolutions at the start of a year, but this year I want to make one. It feels like the year to make one

Reciprocity of Openness

At some point in the summer, I realized that people who were having to teach online because of COVID-19 were struggling about

Social and Cultural Capital as the Main Problem with Online Learning

I was reading a (great) article about the problem of othering (which I am using in class and in Equity Unbound this semester)

Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Digital Literacies & Intercultural Learning May 2 2019 #netnarr

If you’re aren’t in my class, you are welcome to join our Twitter Scavenger Hunt, scheduled for Thursday May 2nd a

Reflection on using @Mozilla Internet Health Report in Class

I wrote earlier about my plan to use Mozilla Internet Health Report in class (my digital literacies class I am using with #unb