Studio Visit #2: Equity

Wednesday, Oct 17th at 8pm Universal Time (UTC)

We are excited to announce the Equity Unbound second Studio Visit focusing this time on the theme of Equity.

You can watch the session live here:

Live comments & questions via Twitter: #unboundeq

We are honored and delighted to have two educators who write and speak and act on equity on a regular basis!

sava saheli Singh (@savasavasava) – sava is a postdoctoral fellow with the Surveillance Studies Centre, working on an OPC-funded knowledge translation project for the Big Data Surveillance project. she completed her PhD in 2017 from New York University’s Educational Communication and Technology program. her dissertation, titled “Academic Twitter: Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Scholarship”, addresses how 21st century academics negotiate their professional identities as a complex form of emotional, intellectual, and academic labor and the ways in which this helps and hinders their academic and personal lives. her current research interests include educational surveillance and critically examining the effects of technology and techno-utopianism on society.

Sherri Spelic (@edifiedlistener) – Sherri Spelic teaches elementary physical education at an international school in Vienna, Austria. She is the publishing editor of the online essay collection: Identity, Education and Power. Her writing interests include social justice in education and beyond, digital technology as a boon and burden; learning and teaching as radical acts. Find her blog here: .

Facilitating this Equity Unbound Studio Visit session are Catherine, Mia and Maha, joined by Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart), who is also guest-facilitating a Twitter “slow chat” next week about Zeynep Tufecki’s work on Fake News.

Join us via the #Unboundeq twitter hashtag:

Please feel free to join the conversation live on Wednesday October 17th at 8pm UTC by using the #unboundeq hashtag on Twitter to ask questions and make comments. We will be watching the Twitter feed live for your questions/comments. In addition, please feel free to watch this conversation asynchronously. The video archive is part of the growing collection of open resources, materials, and activities developed by the Equity Unbound community.

If you would like to join the hangout itself and be part of the livestreamed conversation, please leave a comment on this post.

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You can watch the session live here:

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