Invitation: Continuity with Care During COVID-19: Curation & Conversation

This post is co-authored by Mia Zamora and Maha Bali and announces both an ongoing crowdsourced curation and an upcoming video conversation.

There is a considerable amount of anxiety in the air these days as COVID-19 seems to spread to diverse corners of our globe. It is hard to parse panic from precaution, but what is clear is that this moment demands a certain reconsideration of our responsibilities to ourselves and the communities we participate in. It is clear that our thoughtful use of online technologies will play a critical role in our response to the challenges ahead. As we are all struggling to cope with the unknown, and as we make new decisions about our daily lives and daily responsibilities, some of us are being asked to teach online in a pinch.

Perhaps some are not familiar with this territory, and it feels like this precaution is a mandate that will ruin our special pedagogical approach and our ability to connect with our students in that essential human way. As educators, we care about what we do, and we are worried that the care we take to make learning active will not translate in online spaces.  So how can we work on this considerable challenge together? How can we extend care both for ourselves and for our communities at this challenging time?  

Maha Bali and Mia Zamora started a document to crowdsource and curate teaching tips about teaching online with care, especially in case of an emergency campus closure as has been happening in March 2020 because of COVID-19. 

Share the shortlink to this document and contribute to it with quotes, tweets, articles, anything that could be useful to others. We will revise and reorder things as the document grows and publish it on Equity Unbound

Contribute to our curation  

Join our studio visit – Friday March 13th at 8pm UTC

** We are organizing a synchronous video conversation on Continuity with Care on Friday March 13th at 8pm UTC (4pm ET, 10pm Cairo, Saturday morning in Australasia) on Zoom.**

It will be livestreamed on YouTube, but you can also join in via this link:

On your timezone:

Time converter at

(with thanks to Virtually Connecting for lending us the pro Zoom account)

Confirmed guests so far include:

  • Laura Gibbs @OnlineCrsLady Univ. of Oklahoma USA
  • Brenna Clarke Gray @brennacgray Thompson Rivers University, BC, Canada
  • George Station @harmonygritz Cal State Monterey Bay, USA
  • Bonnie Stewart @bonstewart UWindsor Canada
  • Nate Angell @xolotl Hypothesis, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Francesca Helm @Francescahelm11 Padova, Italy
  • Catherine Cronin @catherinecronin National Forum, Ireland
  • Robin DeRosa @actualham Plymouth State U, New Hampshire, USA
  • Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh @RissaChem Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • Sherri Spelic @edifiedlistener Vienna, Austria
  • Parisa Mehran @ParisaMehran Japan
  • Jasmina Najjar @JasminaNajjar American University of Beirut, Lebanon 
  • Kate Bowles @KateMfD University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia
  • Sue Beckingham @SueBecks, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • And Facilitators
    • Maha Bali, @bali_maha, American University in Cairo, Egypt
    • Mia Zamora @MiaZamoraPhD, Kean University, NJ, US

YouTube of the session:

Header image from Pixabay:

3 thoughts on “Invitation: Continuity with Care During COVID-19: Curation & Conversation

  1. I will be there to lend a hand in any way I can. I’ve gained some experience over the last 5 months delivering online classes to students at smaller campuses in our system. I don’t have a lot of experience but picked the brains of many colleagues with experience (Chris Gilliard, Sean Michael Morris and others) before I jumped into this. So I have a level of comfort with online courses and am happy to share what I have learned.

    I really should be writing about what I have learned ……. Time to dust off my neglected blog.

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