Studio Visit #4: Privacy

We are excited to announce the Equity Unbound fourth Studio Visit focusing this time on the theme of Privacy.

Our Studio Visit is scheduled for Monday November 19th at 8pm UTC.
You can watch the session live here:

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We are honored and delighted to have three educators who write and speak and act on equity on a regular basis! Chris Gilliard (@hypervisible), Autumm Caines (@autumm) and Christian Friedrich (@friedelitis). Their bios are below.

Chris Gilliard
Chris GilliardChris Gilliard’s work concentrates on privacy, institutional tech policy, digital redlining, and the re-inventions of discriminatory practices through data mining and algorithmic decision-making, especially as these apply to college students. He is currently developing a project that looks at how popular misunderstandings of mathematical concepts create illusions of fairness and objectivity in student analytics, predictive policing, and hiring practices.


Autumm Caines
profilepicAutumm Caines is a liminal space. Part technologist, part artist, part manager, part synthesizer. Mostly educator
Passionate about the use of technology in education and the many differing facets of how technology impacts society and culture, she likes spending time at the place where differing disciplines intersect.
A first generation high school graduate and first in family college graduate, she is dedicated to the transformative experience of education for those to whom the opportunity often does not present itself.
She currently works as an Instructional Designer at St. Norbert College in De Pere WI. She is also a Co-Director of Virtually Connecting and uses her work in Virtually Connecting to explore questions of virtual presence, conversation and spontaneity in synchronous virtual environments. She blogs at

Christian Friedrich
Christian FriedrichChristian Friedrich is the education and science advisor at Wikimedia Deutschland. As a member of the team “Education, Science & Culture”, Christian is committed to work towards openness and freedom of education and science. Christian has lead various higher education projects in the context of ‘open’ and ‘digital and connected learning’. He is also part of the vibrant Virtually Connecting community, which aims to provide virtual participation and representation at academic conferences. In 2018, Christian was named one of the Virtually Connecting Co-Directors. Christian works as an independent consultant with NGOs and corporations to foster organizational change and learning. He hosts events and conferences, both on-site and online, and he offers podcast production and podcast hosting. Together with critical minds from academia and activism, Christian conceived Towards Openness, a knowledge base and platform for critical conversations around openness and education. Within the framework of Towards Openness, Christian co-facilitated various workshops on privacy, security and safety in online learning. Christian blogs erratically on his website, and tweets as @friedelitis.

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