Looking ahead to Weeks 3+4: Exploring Empathy & Bias

As described in our kick-off blog post, Equity Unbound is an equity-focused open, connected intercultural experience initiated

Summary of our first two weeks

Thanks to all who connected, participated, and contributed during our first two weeks — together we are creating Equity

Twitter Scavenger Hunt

This activity is a great way to jumpstart community and networked learning using Twitter. Anyone interested in #unboundeq is w

#AltCV – create your alternative CV

(This idea was originally published on Digital Writing Month, co-authors Maha Bali, Sarah Honeychurch and Kevin Hodgson. This

Add yourself to the #UnboundEq map

Zoom in, out, and around the map below to see the locations of #UnboundEq participants… and then add yourself. Before yo

View from my window

As a simple kickoff activity, we invite you to take a photo of the view from your window… what do you see?! Share your p

Empathy & Bias (overview)

Weeks 3-4 (Sep 24th – Oct 7). Digital citizenship promotes global understanding when our digital presence allows us to s

Equity (overview)

Weeks 5-6 (Oct 8 – Oct 21). The internet and pervasive use of online information has changed the global learning landsca

Fake News (overview)

Weeks 7-8 (Oct 22 – Nov 4). Can we tell the difference between real news and “fake” news? Long before the digital re

Privacy (overview)

Weeks 9-10 (Nov 5 – Nov 18). Visibility matters in contemporary societies – online, in the media, and in the publi