Digital Wellbeing (overview)

Weeks 13-14 (Dec 3 – Dec 16).

Is technology hijacking our minds and society? Technology tears apart our common reality and truth, it shreds our attention, and can cause us to feel isolated.  But it can also bring us together, perhaps growing our capacity to address the world’s pressing problems together.

What began as a race to monetize our attention is now eroding the pillars of our society: -our mental health, -our democracy, -our social relationships, and our children.  So in the face of this understanding, how do we take care of ourselves?

Featured activities:

Read & Twitter chat: Net Smart: How to thrive online (selections) by Howard Rheingold (2012).

Read & reflect: Concept of ‘digital dualism’ as described by Nathan Jurgenson in The IRL fetish  (Twitter chat or

Watch & reflect: The Panda Is Dancing (video by Max Stossel & Sander van Dijk, ‘Time Well Spent’) & Center for Human Technology (browse website)

Studio visit:

Online studio visit and discussion with invited guests (TBD)

Optional resources & activities:

Blog post: How to shed parenting guilt and transform into a digital hero (Mimi Ito, 2018)

Website & resources: One week, no tech #1wknotech – performance netprov (writing/performing ironically about tech in our lives on twitter)

Read: Screentime for kids – Sherry Turkle vs Sonia Livingstone and Anya Kamenetz, Parenting for a digital future


Got a suggested activity, reading or resource?

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  • If you suggest an activity please give a brief description and link us to a more detailed description on your own blog or Google doc
  • If you recommend material, please clarify if text, video, audio or game, and provide a link (hopefully open access).
  • If you suggest an adaptation or reflection on the activities above, it might be easier to post those on the post for the particular activity rather than the overview.

Thanks in advance! And feel free to share your ideas for additional activities elsewhere also.


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